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Terrence Ezrol
Image of me at a thanksgiving party (2003)

I am one of those people called a computer geek

My name is Terrence Ezrol, though normally I'm called terry. I'm a computer geek as mentioned, and tend to prefer *nix based operating systems. (currently this means running linux or MacOS depending on what computer we are talking about.) Besides computers I enjoy video games, anime, and hanging out with friends.

My favorite type of video game is RPG's, I love many of the Final Fantasy games, however my attention span in recent years makes the non-action battles tediously boring. I also enjoy platform games, (Super Mario Brothers 3 being my favoret)

As for anime, I enjoy many series. Some series that I have seen include (in no particular order) HunterXHunter, Oh My Goddess, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Excel Saga, Slayers, Slayers Tri (need to see Slayers Next), Yami No Matsuei, Gravitation, X (sans the last ep), Neo Genesis Evangelion, Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop and others. One place I sometimes see anime is at UMJAMS (UMass Japanese Animation and Manga Society).

I also enjoy drawing, in particular pencil sketches. I've been posting my works online at http://devnull.name/blog/myart/info

Currently I am living in an apartment in Northampton MA, and I'm attending UMass. This gives me about an hour commute. But I have my own room!! However with the commute I often spend many hours on campus, and can often be found at the UMJAMS/GHL's (anime club/Gaming hobbyist league's) office. And some evenings ether at the anime showings, or Pride Alliance (The GLBT and allies group on campus.. however since there meetings have been boring.. I've not really been attending)

Terrence Ezrol
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